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Is laser pen safe? Is the small laser safe?

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In Classrooms, meeting rooms, exhibition rooms… We can often see these kinds of laser pens.Are they safe laser? Let’s measure its actual power. laser pen This laser pointer has the same shape as an ordinary pen,so some people call it laser pen. It’s very light and convenient.The laser light can be seen clearly though a ...
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2017 top powerful focusable 3000mW blue laser pointer real power review

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This is 2017 world powerful laser pointer.It use Nichia 7A75 laser tube.The internal copper extension of 65mm copper core, thermal performance better, effective protection of the core 7A75 laser tube cooling, extend service life.Do not worry about the shell using the coating degradation, Seiko Seamless design. In addition,it has three modes:strong light mode,weak light mode ...
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