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473nm 1mW Blue Diode Laser Pointer TEM00 Laser

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It’s a 473nm 1mW laser pointer. The Transverse mode is near TEM00. This one requires 1 CR2 battery to supply power. The laser has stable power and is usually used in scientific research experiments. It is the best choice for low power 473nm laser.Let’s check it now.   If you need a 473nm laser above ...
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Solid State Laser Lab laser source

532nm High Power Laser CW/TTL Modulation

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It is 532nm high power dpss laser with adjustable power supply, the output power can be adjusted from 0 to 5000mW. This laser support CW and TTL/Analog modulation working mode. And the cooling method of the laser is TEC and cooling fan. 5W is a very high laser power, it is necessary to wear safety ...
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