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593.5nm 2mW TEM00 Yellow Laser Pointer

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It’s a 593.5nm yellow laser pointer, it’s a TEM00 laser. There are shading parts on the front of the module. Before use, you need to open the shading sheet. The threaded metal part of the laser head expands the heat dissipation surface area, which is conducive to the long-term operation of the laser. There are ...
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473nm 1mW Blue Diode Laser Pointer TEM00 Laser

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It’s a 473nm 1mW laser pointer. The Transverse mode is near TEM00. This one requires 1 CR2 battery to supply power. The laser has stable power and is usually used in scientific research experiments. It is the best choice for low power 473nm laser.Let’s check it now.   If you need a 473nm laser above ...
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Powerful Outdoor White Laser Pointer Handheld laser

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It’s a white laser pointer. This flashlight uses a blue laser diode and a fluorescent ceramic chip to excite wide-spectrum white light, which retains the high collimation and penetration of the laser. Widely used in automotive high beam and special lighting. It is different from the ordinary LED flashlight, the biggest feature is that the ...
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488nm Laser Module 1mW Line Laser Beam

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It’s 488nm 1mW blue laser module. This laser shape is line. Connect DC 3V, and it will work. The laser head can be rotated to adjust the focal length of the laser, change the thickness of the laser line. This is a customizable laser module, laser power, laser shape, and laser size can all be ...
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Which Fiber Do You Know?

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Optical fibers can be classified in various ways according to different characteristics, such as single-mode optical fibers and multi-mode optical fibers according to optical modes. Divided by refractive index: jumper fiber and graded fiber. Among them, according to ITU standards, optical fibers are divided into seven types: G651, G652, G653, G654, G655, G656, G657, among ...
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Most Powerful Green Laser Pointer 525nm 1W Waterproof Laser

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This is 525nm diving high power green laser pointer, the output power is 1000mW. This laser pointer is waterproof and strong, please wear the laser goggles when using. 525nm 1000mW Green Waterproof Laser Pointer Strong Diving Laser [Specifications] Wavelength: 525nm Output Power: 1W Security Level: Class Ⅳ Shell Material: Aviation aluminum Color: Black / Silver ...
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Lab Line Laser System — 532nm 3W DPSS Laser

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It’s a 532nm 3000mW DPSS laser system. It’s customized into a line laser. We added line lens, and the fan angle is 30°. The focal length is customized at 2 meters, and the light is the smallest at 2m. Installation is very simple. First, connect the laser head and laser power supply, then connect the ...
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What is the difference between SLD and LD or LED?

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SLD is an optical device that can provide output equivalent to LD (Laser Diode) and low coherence equivalent to LED (Light Emitting Diode), and has a wider spectral width. Because SLDs reduce coherent noise and achieve high-precision measurement, they can be used in a wide range of sensing fields, including photo application measurement and medical ...
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Red Laser Diode Module with Special Laser Spot

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It’s a laser diode module with special laser spot. The laser shape is a solid flat circle. Red/blue/green lasers can be customized into this circle laser module. The following video shows the actual effect of the 650nm laser module. Let’s check it now. Advantage: 1. High brightness of indoor and outdoor general; 2. The light ...
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532nm High Power Laser CW/TTL Modulation

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It is 532nm high power dpss laser with adjustable power supply, the output power can be adjusted from 0 to 5000mW. This laser support CW and TTL/Analog modulation working mode. And the cooling method of the laser is TEC and cooling fan. 5W is a very high laser power, it is necessary to wear safety ...
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