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When you get a high power laser pointer, what would you do with it? Some people used to burn matches, paper, referring to the star.The laser power on the market marked the size of the power is not accurate, in fact, 50mw laser pointer can easily ignite the match, almost spike black match.Due to heat caused by a variety of problems, often greatly reduced the life of the laser, the general glue crystal laser flashlight, the use of time recommended no more than 1 minute, to be used again after cooling.

Today,we measure power of a burning blue laser pointer.

After measuring a number of this pointer, the actual power is about 1.5W.
Notes:1.5W power is already very strong output power.Please wear laser protection glasses when using.

High power laser pointer precautions:
1.Avoid direct skin and flammable products
2.Do not use in more than 35 degrees and below zero, so as not to accelerate the aging of the laser
3.When the battery is not used for a long time, the battery must be removed and the laser is placed in an anti-static and dampproof place

Warm Notice:
1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
If you want to know the real power of a laser pointer on the market, please go to find more.


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