Handy samll green lazer pointer review — What is the power of it?

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We have measured the actual power of a black flagon style green laser pointer.Today’s test is a silver flagon green laser pointer.Its appearance is similar to the ancient flagon, so called the flagon type laser pointer.The size is almost as big as the adult palm,it’s easy to carry, so it’s very popular with customers, especially women.Utilization of the latest laser crystal technology and optics creates this high quality Flagon-sized Laser Pointer. Flagon shape, handy and portable to carry.This is teachers, speakers, outdoor travelers, Star observer’s right-hand man!


From the video we can see the test results is 0.060W, which is 60mW.

Note: 70mW’s laser is dangerous to the eyes and cannot be irradiated directly.

Due to the current market most laser pointers are false power, causing us to be misled when buying.LuckLaser will test the actual power of each laser laser pointer, so as to help customers better choose the right products.

Warm Notice:
1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
If you want to know the real power of a laser pointer on the market, please go to www.lucklaser.com find more.


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