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A review about 2w blue laser from Lucklaser

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1.New type of high power in 2017, with better thermal design; 2.Act as the mainstream powerful blue laser pointer in the market at present; 3.Enough power, long-distance irradiation and it can burn matches; These are all talking about Lucklaser’s 2W blue laser pointer. One of the most powerful laser in the current fire sale!  You ...
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Actual power test — strong & waterproof blue laser pointer

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All-copper shell, heat and feel superb, varnished surface after treatment, resistant to oxidation and discoloration, use of environmentally friendly plating Electroplating, in line with the international standard ISO.It’s waterproof and focus adjustable.This is what i said LuckLaser’s blue laser pointer.It laser beam is vert strong and beautiful.Some people who like playing laser pointer will usually ...
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