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Most Powerful Green Laser Pointer 525nm 1W Waterproof Laser

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This is 525nm diving high power green laser pointer, the output power is 1000mW. This laser pointer is waterproof and strong, please wear the laser goggles when using. 525nm 1000mW Green Waterproof Laser Pointer Strong Diving Laser [Specifications] Wavelength: 525nm Output Power: 1W Security Level: Class Ⅳ Shell Material: Aviation aluminum Color: Black / Silver ...
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Measurement video — Actual power of 532nm green waterproof laser pointer

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532nm is a commom wavelength in laser pointer.The commom ones are 5mW,50mW,100mW,200mW,1000mW.According to the principle of green laser light, it is difficult to make high power products.The main reason is that there is no high-power green diodes, the second is a large amount of green heat,the product is easy to burn out. This high quality ...
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Actual power test — strong & waterproof blue laser pointer

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All-copper shell, heat and feel superb, varnished surface after treatment, resistant to oxidation and discoloration, use of environmentally friendly plating Electroplating, in line with the international standard ISO.It’s waterproof and focus adjustable.This is what i said LuckLaser’s blue laser pointer.It laser beam is vert strong and beautiful.Some people who like playing laser pointer will usually ...
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