1550nm Nanosecond Pulse Fiber Laser: An Important Force Leading the Innovation of Fiber Optic Communication technology

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The high-power nanosecond pulse fiber laser uses a high-power gain fiber module and cooperates with a dedicated drive and temperature control circuit to output high-peak and high-energy laser pulses. The laser wavelength and power are stable, RS232 serial port remote control, modular design facilitates system integration, and can be used for laser radar, distributed optical fiber sensing systems, etc.

This is a 1550nm 10kW nanosecond pulse fiber laser. It is a modular design, the size is 100x100x30 mm. This nanosecond laser module uses an external signal source, and customers can also customize the built-in signal source.

Nanosecond fiber laser is a laser device with extremely high time resolution. The nanosecond-level pulse width enables the laser beam to reach extremely high peak power in a very short time, thereby achieving precise and rapid processing of the target. At the same time, by adjusting the repetition frequency, continuous or intermittent laser output can be achieved to meet the needs of different applications.
This characteristic makes the 1550nm nanosecond fiber laser have broad application prospects in scientific research, precision processing and rapid measurement.

The test data of 1550nm 10kW high-power nanosecond laser.

In general, 1550nm pulse nanosecond fiber laser has become an important part of modern optical technology with its unique wavelength characteristics, excellent pulse performance and wide range of applications. With the advancement of technology and the growth of application requirements, this laser will continue to play a greater role in various fields.


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