Narrow Linewidth Laser Source 1550nm 200mW PM Fiber Laser

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What we demonstrate in the video is a 1550nm 200mW 3kHz narrow linewidth fiber laser. The output optical fiber is available in SM/PM, here is the PM optical fiber. And it is fixed on the laser and is not pluggable. The optical fiber interface and length can be customized.

The laser output power can be adjusted through the button, the adjustment range is 10%~100%, and the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. The working Temperature can be fine-tuned, which can affect the laser wavelength. The adjustment accuracy is 0.01℃. The laser can also be controlled through software, and the interface on the laser is RS2023.

Parameter table of 1550nm narrow Linewidth Laser. The linewidth of this laser is 2.64kHz.


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