Application of Laser Technology in the Military Field

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The application of laser technology in the military field is basically to carry out reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance, conventional strike, precision guidance, attitude analysis and confidential communication under the application of the characteristics of space-time and dryness with good laser monochromaticity, strong directivity and high brightness. etc. In terms of offense and defense, the offensive advantage of taking the initiative is more significant, so the most attractive application of laser technology in the military field is the laser weapon….

A laser weapon is a directional weapon that can directly destroy a target or lose its utility under the use of a laser beam. Its components basically include components such as a laser, a launching system, a precision aiming, a beam steering, and a tracking system. The laser weapon has a flexible steering, a fast attack speed, no electromagnetic interference, and can achieve a precise strike, so it has attracted much attention. Combined with specific operational uses, it consists primarily of strategic laser weapons and tactical laser weapons. Strategic laser weapons represent high-energy laser weapons such as intercontinental missiles, communications and reconnaissance satellites in space that can reach thousands of kilometers of attack. For example, in the British Ama Island War, the United Kingdom used laser weapons when it was against Argentine aircraft, causing the aircraft to be destroyed. The tactical laser weapon relies on the energy of the laser to emit a powerful laser that can strike the enemy. Such weapons can cause direct damage to local personnel in general with conventional weapons, which can cause damage or failure of individual photoelectric measuring instruments, which can cause strong damage to tanks and aircraft. These weapons can achieve a strike distance of up to 20km, most notably laser cannons and laser guns. With the continuous development of laser technology, high-energy laser weapons in the future high-tech war will inevitably become the main weapon for space competition.


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