Does your pointer use 18650 or 16340 batteries?

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Many beginners received laser pointer often consider is 18650 or 16340 of the lithium battery is a battery or two? Share my experience today:

  • Look at the product manual

Many businesses have the same manuals for each pointer. Some instructions will show you how many batteries you bought and how many batteries. Then you can buy that kind of battery at the store. It’s better to buy a pointer that contains batteries.

  • Look at the size of the pointer battery

18650 battery’s width is 18mm, the length is 65mm, 16340, the width of the battery is 16mm, the length is 34mm. In this way, the size of the pointer and battery position, you can see in the end is 18650 or 16340?.

  • See voltage

Some need two, 16340 pointers, one with 18650 can fit in. Does that mean that the two can be replaced? Pointer voltage merchants have instructions. For either 18650 or 16340, each cell has a voltage of 3.7V. Two sections of 16340 are equivalent to 7.4V voltage. Some 18650 pointers, so they burn easily.

List of battery sizes:

18650 or 1634018650 or 16340

18650 or 16340

18650 or 16340

18650 or 16340

18650 or 16340


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