Note the cat with a laser pen

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Cats prefer the laser pointer to the red dot that catches the eye.How to play with a laser pen to play with cats, there is nothing to say, after all, this is not how much high-tech content of the game, but in the course of play, there are several matters need attention.

1. Cats prefer the laser pointer to the red dot that catches the eye.

2. Don’t play the laser pointer on reflective objects, because the red dots that reflect them can also cause damage if they are taken into the cat’s eye.For the sake of insurance, we should pay more attention to it.(of mirrors, smooth marble floors)

3. While moving the red pointer of the laser pointer to make the cat crazy, we also recommend the principle of keeping them safe”.Although the cat has been vigorous, but also inevitably have a superb effort to fly over the walls. When not to mention when they ride the most concentrated, the spirit that if be careless with it, fragile home is afraid to suffer.

4. Don’t play games with cats until late in the evening, unless you live on a floor.Because the cat was running after the see catching the red dot, the sharp turn or turn the chase will increase her paw pulling ability, so easily in the wooden floor tiles on the ground or a “brush” scratch sound.The dead of night at night, all the voices will become louder than during the day, the cat if a number of such running back and forth, do not work well, will cause discontent downstairs neighbors.


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