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Currently,303 laser pointer is very popular on the market, it is not only easy to carry, but also a variety of spot patterns.Today we show the 303 laser pointer from lucklaser. Its front part, you can rotate to rotate the sky pattern. It can also be taken down, the spot becomes a straight line.In addition, the tail with a safety lock. Just turn the lock to the red spot at the end of the handle and avoid accidental opening while taking it. When you need to use the key to green position can be used normally.

For this laser pointer, many businesses online marked power 1mW, 5mW, 100mW~1000mW. Let’s test how much actual power it has.


Finally, the power meter is stable at 0.064w, indicating that its actual power is about 64mw.
Note: 60mW’s laser is dangerous to the eyes and cannot be irradiated directly.
303 laser pointer

Laser pointer purchase guide:
1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
3. Mainstream laser pointer’s actual power test video, you can refer to:


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