Power measurement video for best selling cool style blue laser pointer

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When you buy a laser pointer, you will find some 1W laser pointer price with the 2W almost, some 5W laser pointer laser pointer with the price of almost 2W.It makes you confused cause you don’t know how to choose.You are worried that you will buy high-power laser pointer power is not high, on the other hand, worried about buying the laser pointer price is too high, and the actual value of laser pointer does not match.
In fact,most of the laser pointers on the market are virtual power, and it is difficult to find laser pointers that mark actual power.Today to measure is a high-power Blue laser pointer, many businesses marked 2000mW / 3000mW, or even 5000mW.Let’s see how much power it actually.

Through the video we can see that this business was marked as 2W flashlight, its actual power is only 1.4W or so.It generally cost $ 100 to $ 125.This blue pointer internal use is a 1.6W blue diode,remove all kinds of losses,the actual output power of 1.4W or so.1.4W power is already very strong output power.Please wear laser protection glasses when using.   This product from lucklaser.

Laser pointer purchase guide:
1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
3. Mainstream laser pointer’s actual power test video, you can refer to: www.lucklaser.com



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