New wish brand 405nm blue laser pointer review — ture power test

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We often see this kind of laser pen in the classroom, meeting room, exhibition room and so on.Pen shape, handy and portable to carry.And It is great for pointing objects from long distance.Do you know that it is safe for human eyes to look directly at its beam?What is the range of power of this laser pen? Let’s measure its actual power together.

Real power test video


Test result: get actual power

We can see the green laser pen power is about 76mW.

Note: 76mW’s laser is dangerous to the eyes and cannot be irradiated directly.

1. Never look directly into the laser beam. Never point a laser beam at a person. Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces.
2. Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult.

Warm Notice:

1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;

2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;

Where to find real power laser pointer?

If you want to know the real power of a laser pointer on the market, please go to find more.


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