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Experiments:Laser in water

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TEST 1: Test materials:A small transparent tract water tank. Here’s what I made with plexiglass.If too much trouble,you can also use a little deeper glass boxes.And a laser pen. Fill the tank with water. Shining into the laser from the side, You can see the phenomenon in the picture below. If in a dark room, you ...
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Let’s check the mini green laser pen’s power

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This laser pointer is smaller than the last laser pointer, and it also comes with a keychain, which is more convenient to carry with you.Although it is small, But its power can not be underestimated.It can lighting the match.This laser pointer body is made of high quality metal, bass.The green dot can be seen within ...
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New wish brand 405nm blue laser pointer review — ture power test

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We often see this kind of laser pen in the classroom, meeting room, exhibition room and so on.Pen shape, handy and portable to carry.And It is great for pointing objects from long distance.Do you know that it is safe for human eyes to look directly at its beam?What is the range of power of this ...
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