785nm NIR Fiber Laser All-in-one Type Lab Laser

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It is 785nm 3W fiber coupled laser system. This is a model in which the laser module and power supply are integrated. It support continuous work and modulation mode. The default is button control, software control function can be customized.
The output power of the fiber output end is adjustable from 0 to 3W. And the optical fiber is pluggable. Turn the silver knob clockwise for adjust the working current and thus the output power. The 785nm is a near-infrared laser, and only a faint red spot can be seen on the light shield. Let’s check it now.

Test report for 785nm 3W fiber coupled laser.

Laser output power stability test report.

The actual spectrogram.

The relationship between current and laser power.

The effect of adding fiber optics.


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