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The green laser pointer is the most popular laser pointer on the market. Because green lasers are brighter and brighter than other colors.

Most of the market is less than 50MW green laser pointer, and the price is very cheap. Such laser pointer Compact size, easy to carry, bright beam of light to indicate the effect class.Such laser pointer Compact size, easy to carry, bright beam of light to indicate the effect class.

If you are a super laser enthusiast, or have research needs, other special purposes, then do not meet the low-power green laser pen, want to buy a high power green laser pen

The problem is that high power green pointers don’t have a uniform price on the market. And many businesses use low power green light as a high power to cheat consumers

So, what if we can choose a high power laser pen? Here are my years of experience:

  1. If you’re rich and don’t care about the price, then Wicked Laser is your first choice. The product is exquisite, but the price is high.
  2. Most people want to buy products that are good in quality and low in price. It’s hard to find,but it’s not none.

We can look at the age of the domain name of the site, to determine whether the business is a professional laser pointer vendors.

Some of the more expert sellers will show pictures and videos of the product in detail.

Many pictures on the Internet are PS, but the video is the actual effect of the product.

The last and most important thing is to look at the price, just like the 1000mW green laser pointer, the price is mainly concentrated around $299, there are also $399-$499.

After watching the product video, the product has been in mind, and then mainly to see whether the price is appropriate

Today recommended for you is the LuckLaser green 1W laser pointer, the current activity price is $139!  Their product address is:

This is the most cost-effective green light pen I’ve ever found!

After buying high power laser pointer, what should we pay attention to in the process of using?

  1. Never irradiate eyes!High power laser can cause permanent damage to the human eyes.It may become blind.
  2. Can not illuminate the plane.High power laser can radiate very far distance, if the plane is flying at low altitude, it is easy to be irradiated, it will seriously interfere with the pilot’s line of sight.In many countries it is against the law to irradiate a plane with a laser pointer.
  3. green laser with high power, high fever, use should pay attention to the laser pen shell, if the details feel hot, should immediately turn off the laser cooling, etc., can be re opened, so as not to burn the laser tube.


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