C-band Micro ASE Broadband Light Source

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This time we are talking about the ASE bandwidth light source. Watch the video below first.

This is a C-Band 20mW Micro ASE light Source, 10mW~50mW output power can be customized. The size is 50*50*15mm. After turning on the laser, the green indicator light will light up. And the ASE starts working, with invisible light output in the 1528~1563nm band.

The light source outputs a flat spectrum covering the C-band and has moderate output power. At the same time, due to the unique miniaturized design and miniature package, it is the smallest ASE broadband light source at present, which is very suitable for applications in narrow space conditions.

Test data report of the small C-Band 20mW ASE.

Spectrogram and power stability of actual tests.


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