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High Power Laser System — 638nm 15W Red Semiconductor Laser

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It’s a 638nm 15W semiconductor laser system.15W laser is high power, we have equipped a radiator in the laser head. The radiator at the bottom of the laser head has 3 cooling fans, which can effectively extend the continuous working time of the high-power laser. The CW/TTL/Analog on the back of the power supply has ...
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Laser Pointer Reviews

Experiments:Laser in water

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TEST 1: Test materials:A small transparent tract water tank. Here’s what I made with plexiglass.If too much trouble,you can also use a little deeper glass boxes.And a laser pen. Fill the tank with water. Shining into the laser from the side, You can see the phenomenon in the picture below. If in a dark room, you ...
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2IN1 green&red laser pointer reviews

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Today, we want to introduce is a very cool flashlight.The biggest feature of this laser pointer is that it has red and green light two colors.It can only out of a color laser beam, can also be two colors laser beam together.In addition, the spot pattern is varied.You can use the button to change the ...
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