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Many people who like to collect laser pointers prefer high power laser pointers. There are many kinds of high power pointers on the market, and the power of same laser pointer is not same. I through many domestic and foreign forums with my own experience to buy laser pointer, I have sorted out the following several highly praised and affordable high-power laser pointers:

  1. Lucklaser’s 445nm 5000mW laser pointer

At present, 5W is almost the highest power.  Lucklaser has the actual power of the laser pointer video, as well as outdoor shooting actual light beam effect diagram. This laser pointer can achieve everyone’s expectations of 5w. It also has a safety lock device, and a lens 5 different spot pattern. The most important thing is that the price is cheap.


2.  445nm Blue 2W laser pointer

At first glance you will be attracted by this laser pointer. The blue laser 2000mw is the highest power that enough to light matches,cigarettes,plastics,even at 4 meters away when focus rightly.  If you focus it properly, and this one can light a mtach at 7-8 meters, so far this thing is the most powerful handheld blue laser in the market.
1.Cool appearance and copper shell forged like gold;
2.A high-power laser pointer with fastest rising sales;



3. 532nm Green 1W laser pointer

1. Green laser is brighter than the other laser beam;
2. The price of high-power green laser pointer is generally high, this high-power green pointer is the only inexpensive;
3. The design of the head of laser pointer is generally larger than common pointer, which is beneficial to radiating and effectively extend the working life of the product;
This laser pointer with safety key,
High Stability and Reliability
Well tested and high quality laser pointer
Easily to use, you can see striking green laser beam shoot forth.




Laser Explorer

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