Be careful of being slaughtered, 3W high power laser pointer can also be so cheap

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High-power laser pointer sought after by everyone: 1W green, 3W, 5W Blue … … 3W is pretty high at the moment. High power often means high prices. And now on the market a variety of laser pointer, the price is uneven, so that we do not have a reference when the purchase price. Here, through my years of experience with my friends and the purchase and use of experience, combined with the current market corresponding prices, I would like to talk about my personal experience:

What I like most is the blue high power laser pointer, I bought 3W, 5W, 10W, 30W (of course, now it is found that more than 5W are basically false power marked by the seller), 3W and 5W blue light which is the rise this year, 2017 is basically dominated by blue 2W, 3W, 5W is relatively less, but very expensive. I also because of the need, in early 2017 to buy a blue pointer 3000mw of around $ 400, but once lost while camping.

Recently, I bought a new 3W blue on Lucklaser, and the price was $ 139, which was exactly the same as the 3W I bought before. At that time, I spent more than $400 dollars, so it’s important to find a good online store.

My roommate also bought a 10W blue laser pointer, too disappointing, and its light beam and did not imagine so bright, even as LuckLaser 2W Blu-ray pointer. And it was very expensive.

I received this LuckLaser 3W blue light pointer, very satisfied. And the pictures on their website video basically consistent. Later I will shoot a Review video, detailed display of this ultra-high power pointer.


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