520nm 15W High Power Fiber Laser System

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It’s a 520nm 15W fiber coupled laser system. There is a radiator at the bottom of the laser head. The radiator is composed of an aluminum sheet and a cooling fan. The’Adjustor’ knob on the power supply is used to adjust the size of the current to control the laser output power. The’CW|TTL|Analog’ on the back of the laser power supply is the selection button for 3 working modes. Let’s check it now.

Product Name: 515nm/520nm Fiber Coupled Laser
Lead Time: 7~15 workingdays! Custom product available!
Output Wavelength: 520nm±5nm
Output Power: 15W
Operating Mode: CW or Modulation
Power Stability: <3% per 4 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
Warm Up Time: <1 minute
MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
Fiber Type: Multi-mode fiber/MM fiber
Fiber Core Diameter: 200μm/400μm/600μm/800μm/1000μm (Choose)
Fiber Numerical Aperture: 0.22NA(100μm~400μm)/0.37NA(600μm~1000μm)
Fiber Interface(Output): FC/PC, FC/APC, SMA905 (Choose)
Fiber Length: 1m/2m/3m (Choose)
Laser Head Dimension: Near 185(L)*128(W)*50.5(H)mm³ (Click here find detail)
Power Supply: Standard type power supply / Lab Adjustable power supply (Choose)
Power Supply-1: Standard Power Supply (Choose) (Click here find detail)
Power Supply-2: Lab Adjustable Power Supply (Choose) (Click here find detail)
Laser Radiator/Heat Sink: Not Include/Include (Choose) (Click here find detail)
Modulation: 0~30kHz Analog or TTL
Warranty: 1 Year

The laser beam without fiber.

The laser beam output from the fiber.


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