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30dBm 1070nm Laser Coupled SM Fiber Temperature Controlled Wavelength

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1070nm SM fiber laser system. The maximum power is 1W, 10%~100% power can be adjusted, adjusted by button, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. You can adjust the wavelength by adjusting the temperature. This is a custom function and is not supported by default. By default, the laser is controlled by the button, and it can also ...
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Laser diode module

520nm Pigtailed Laser Module With TTL Modulation

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This is a 520nm 1W fiber coupled laser module. There are CW and TTL working mode. When CW working mode is required. Red and Yellow wire to DC 12V positive. Black and Green wire to DC 12V negative. When TTL working mode is required. Red wire to DC 12Vpositive. Black wire to DC 12V negative. ...
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Lab laser source

520nm 15W High Power Fiber Laser System

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It’s a 520nm 15W fiber coupled laser system. There is a radiator at the bottom of the laser head. The radiator is composed of an aluminum sheet and a cooling fan. The’Adjustor’ knob on the power supply is used to adjust the size of the current to control the laser output power. The’CW|TTL|Analog’ on the ...
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CivilLaser’s Beam Combining Module 520nm 4W 5*105μm Fiber Laser

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It’s 520nm 4W fiber coupled laser module. The output fiber consists of 5 105μm fibers. The laser does not contain a drive circuit, and the drive circuit is external. The fiber beam combining module is a multi-tube core combined beam semiconductor laser. Large contact area, low current package form, more stable performance, more convenient to ...
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Solid State Laser Lab laser source

Fiber Laser Market 2020-2024 Forecast, Annual Growth Rate of 13%

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In 2019, the materials processing sector has a significant market share, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. Factors such as the processing and manufacturing of small electronic components will play an important role in the field of materials processing to maintain their market position. However, macroeconomic factors such as limited ...
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89 Wavelength Tunable Fiber Laser

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  This is a C-band single mode fiber laser. The source wavelength tuning range covers the C-band and achieves continuous laser output up to 89 wavelengths. (ITU-T standard wavelength, 50 GHz wavelength interval). Integrated dual FP cavity tuning etalon and high gain chip, with high output power (5~16mW), narrow linewidth, high wavelength accuracy. Special drive control circuit, high-definition color ...
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