Solid State Laser Lab laser source

532nm High Power Laser CW/TTL Modulation

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It is 532nm high power dpss laser with adjustable power supply, the output power can be adjusted from 0 to 5000mW. This laser support CW and TTL/Analog modulation working mode. And the cooling method of the laser is TEC and cooling fan. 5W is a very high laser power, it is necessary to wear safety ...
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Lab laser source

20W 532nm Green Fiber Laser System

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It’s 532nm fiber coupled laser system. It’s a output power tunable laser, 0~20W laser power can be adjusted by button. This laser has three working modes: CW, TTL modulation, Analog modulation. It coupled a SMA905 fiber, the coupling efficiency is about 80% at 400μm fiber. After turning on the laser, it need a few minutes ...
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Laser Pointer Videos Green Laser Pointers Red Laser Pointers FlashLight

2IN1 green&red laser pointer reviews

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Today, we want to introduce is a very cool flashlight.The biggest feature of this laser pointer is that it has red and green light two colors.It can only out of a color laser beam, can also be two colors laser beam together.In addition, the spot pattern is varied.You can use the button to change the ...
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