Laser class level & Laser Safety Level

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laser class

Please read the following guidelines and information when handling lasers. Safety is of utmost importance when handling lasers especially in the case of class IIIB lasers and class IV lasers.

Laser Level:
ClassⅠ: <0.4mW
ClassⅡ: 0.4mW ~ 1mW
Class ⅢA: 1mW ~ 5mW
Class ⅢB: 5mW ~ 500mW
ClassⅣ: >500mW

Laser classes
Class I- very low power
Class II- low power (1mW or less)
Class IIIA- intermediate power (greater than 1mW but less than 5mW)
Class IIIB- high power (greater than 5mW but less than 500mW)
Class IV- very high power (anything greater than 500mW)

1.) Never allow the beam to make direct contact with the eye even with safety glasses on. The safety glasses can stop a direct beam hit for a short time only. Retina damage from a laser cannot be corrected. Class IV lasers can damage the eye even from diffused light of the laser.
2.) Always wear the appropriate safety glasses. Safety glasses differ due to the different wavelengths of lasers. Use safety glasses that are for the appropriate wavelength of the laser you are using.
3.) Always know where you are pointing the laser beam. Never point the beam at vehicles, aircraft, or other individuals. Make sure others know when you are using the laser and where you are using it for their safety. Be cautious when pointing the beam at reflective surfaces to avoid the beam travelling in an unsafe direction.
4.) Class IV lasers can burn skin thus avoid any prolonged contact with skin when using a class IV laser.
5.) Do not point class IIIB or class IV lasers at animals for the beam can damage their eyes as well. When dealing with pest problems use a lower powered laser to scare them away without harming them.
6.) Always keep lasers stored away from minors and those not trained how to safely handle a laser. Only allow qualified individuals to use a laser.
7.) Always abide local, state, and national laws when using a laser. A law in one state or city may differ in your city or state thus check to ensure you are in accordance with the law.


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