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Powerful Outdoor White Laser Pointer Handheld laser

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It’s a white laser pointer. This flashlight uses a blue laser diode and a fluorescent ceramic chip to excite wide-spectrum white light, which retains the high collimation and penetration of the laser. Widely used in automotive high beam and special lighting. It is different from the ordinary LED flashlight, the biggest feature is that the ...
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445nm 5W Blue Laser Pointer Strong Laser

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445nm 5W Blue Laser Pointer Focusable High Stability Strong Laser 1. The appearance of a strong sense of science and technology. 2. High machining precision, anti-seismic and wear-resisting pressure. 3. All metal buttons, more responsive, stronger sense of touch. 4. Suitable for long time work such as medical treatment, spectrum experiment and so on.
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Black Balloons Meet Infrared Laser

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Have you ever seen spaced broken balloon? Do you know how this is done? Do you know the magical power of laser pointer? Then take you to witness miracles: For more information on lasers: https://www.lucklaser.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=17&products_id=147
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How to choose high power green laser pointer?

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The green laser pointer is the most popular laser pointer on the market. Because green lasers are brighter and brighter than other colors. Most of the market is less than 50MW green laser pointer, and the price is very cheap. Such laser pointer Compact size, easy to carry, bright beam of light to indicate the ...
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Test the actual power of a green laser dazzler with pulsating mode

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Foreword: According to the principle of green laser light, it is difficult to make high power products. The main reason is that there is no high-power green diodes, the second is a large amount of green heat,the product is easy to burn out. Firstly,this laser pointe with pulsating mode,you can change the laser beam mode ...
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