Lab laser source

488nm SM Fiber Laser Module Operation Video

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Today we bring 488nm single-mode fiber laser module. This is a modular structure, and the desktop model can also be customized. The laser output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 10% ~ 100%. The laser can be controlled by software, connected to the computer via RS232-USB. This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, ...
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Lab laser source

Software Controlled Fiber Output Lab Laser System

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Today we are talking about software-controlled laser source. Let’s check it now. It is 450nm Blue fiber coupled laser source controlled by software. EasyHost is the control software. The connection between the laser and PC software adopts the communication protocol of RS232. The laser supports two working modes: CW/Modulation. When switching to Modulation, an external ...
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Other Laser

488nm Laser Module 1mW Line Laser Beam

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It’s 488nm 1mW blue laser module. This laser shape is line. Connect DC 3V, and it will work. The laser head can be rotated to adjust the focal length of the laser, change the thickness of the laser line. This is a customizable laser module, laser power, laser shape, and laser size can all be ...
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Powerful Laser Pointers Blue Laser Pointers FlashLight

A blue laser pointer–you buy one,there will be three

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The laser flashlight can be used two types of battery driven(2 x 16340 batteries or 2 x 18650 batteries). Blue laser beam power consumption is very large,Those using a single 16340 battery powered blue laser pointer,Life time is less than 10 minutes, the use is not suitable for long time. Laser flashlight as a special ...
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Laser Pointer Videos Green Laser Pointers Blue Laser Pointers Red Laser Pointers FlashLight

Laser pointer reviews — Small pen,Great use

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This laser pointer has the same shape as an ordinary pen,so some people call it laser pen. It’s very light and convenient.It has three color light:red,green and blue-violet.Well tested and high quality laser pointer.The laser beam is visible clearly in the dark.It has steady property, been applied widely and safely.Such as used in teaching by ...
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