Tell you the actual power of “1000MW” green laser pointer

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One day,you want to buy a 1W laser pointer,and then buy one which marked 1W.However,when you take it excitedly and play it,found it is not as good as you have seen on the forum before, and the light beam is not so bright.It’s a great disappointment to you.I should tell you most of the laser pointers on the market are virtual power and it is difficult to find laser pointers that mark actual power.

According to the principle of green laser light, it is difficult to make high power products.The main reason is that there is no high-power green diodes, the second is a large amount of green heat, the product is easy to burn out.Today we will test a “1000mW” green laser pointer. What is its actual power?


After measuring a number of this pointer,the actual power is between 0.35W~0.45W.400mW is considered a high power in green laser pointer. If you want higher power,rarely on the market, and very expensive.      400mW green laser pointer

Laser pointer purchase guide:
1. Don’t pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
3. Mainstream laser pointer’s actual power test video, you can refer to:


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