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96 Wavelength Laser Source Coupled Single-mode Fiber

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This is a wavelength tunable fiber laser, packaged in a module. It use SM single-mode fiber, PM polarization-maintaining fiber can be customized. It controlled by software. If the software is opened, the Portlist is blank, and COM** cannot be found. Please check whether USB port driver on your computer is working properly. The adjustable wavelength ...
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89 Wavelength Tunable Fiber Laser

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  This is a C-band single mode fiber laser. The source wavelength tuning range covers the C-band and achieves continuous laser output up to 89 wavelengths. (ITU-T standard wavelength, 50 GHz wavelength interval). Integrated dual FP cavity tuning etalon and high gain chip, with high output power (5~16mW), narrow linewidth, high wavelength accuracy. Special drive control circuit, high-definition color ...
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