96 Wavelength Laser Source Coupled Single-mode Fiber

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This is a wavelength tunable fiber laser, packaged in a module. It use SM single-mode fiber, PM polarization-maintaining fiber can be customized. It controlled by software. If the software is opened, the Portlist is blank, and COM** cannot be found. Please check whether USB port driver on your computer is working properly. The adjustable wavelength light source is shipped with a power adapter and a data cable connected to the computer. Let’s check it now.

The wavelength tuning range of this light source covers the C-band and realizes continuous laser output of up to 96 wavelengths (ITU-T standard wavelength, wavelength interval 50GHz). Integrated tunable filter and high-gain chip, featuring high output optical power, narrow line width, and high wavelength accuracy. Equipped with a dedicated drive control circuit and optional upper computer software, the user can conveniently tune the wavelength conveniently. Can be used in DWDM system research and development, fiber laser, fiber link, optical device testing and other fields.

The interface of the control software.

The test data report.



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