10mW~50W 1mW High Accuracy Laser Power Meter

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This is a portable laser power meter. The measured laser wavelength range is 11nm~19000nm, and its measured laser power range is 10mW to 50W. The measurement accuracy is 1mW. The Power button is the ON/OFF switch. The zero button on the left is for reset to zero. Then turn on the laser, wait for the laser to enter a stable working state, and read the laser power data. Let’s check it now.

After installing the power meter, adjust the detector position so that the laser is irradiated to the center of the detector.

Our laser power meter has the characteristics of stable operation, accurate measurement, small size and long service life. Based on the calorimetric principle, it not only has the advantages of good optical uniformity, extremely insensitive to the influence of the laser polarization state and incident angle, etc., but also has a relatively high ability to resist laser damage.




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