Solid State Laser Lab laser source

Single-mode Fiber Laser 528nm 10mW Green TEM00 Laser Source

by Laser Explorer Posted on 419 views
This is a 528nm 10mW green laser system. It is configured with single-mode fiber. The screen can display the current power, and the power can be adjusted through the buttons. 10%~100% output power can be adjusted. The power regulation accuracy is 0.1mW. The highest power of this unit is 10mW, other output power can be ...
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Lab laser source

520nm Laser 2800mW Green Laser Beam

by Laser Explorer Posted on 782 views
Please watch the following video first: It is a 520nm 2800mW green laser system. This laser supports 3 working modes: CW, TTL, Analog. In addition, the Lock crystal head cannot be pulled out. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW working mode. The laser output power can be adjusted by adjusting the operating ...
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Solid State Laser Lab laser source

10W DPSS Laser 1064nm IR Lab Laser System

by Laser Explorer Posted on 597 views
It is 1064nm high power laser with heat sink at the bottom of the laser head. It adopts air cooling mode, with 2 cooling fans. The modulation mode can be selected from the original TTL or Analog, and upgraded to be compatible with both. When the key is turned ON, the laser starts to work. ...
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Other Laser

10mW~50W 1mW High Accuracy Laser Power Meter

by Laser Explorer Posted on 546 views
This is a portable laser power meter. The measured laser wavelength range is 11nm~19000nm, and its measured laser power range is 10mW to 50W. The measurement accuracy is 1mW. The Power button is the ON/OFF switch. The zero button on the left is for reset to zero. Then turn on the laser, wait for the ...
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