488nm Laser Module 1mW Line Laser Beam

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It’s 488nm 1mW blue laser module. This laser shape is line. Connect DC 3V, and it will work. The laser head can be rotated to adjust the focal length of the laser, change the thickness of the laser line. This is a customizable laser module, laser power, laser shape, and laser size can all be customized. Let’s check it now.

1. Ultra high brightness, universal in indoor and outdoor.
2. The light is clear and bright, soft and not dazzling.
3. Spot size is adjustable.
4. The shell is made of aviation aluminum-plated insulating paint that can not only fully dissipate heat but also resist shock, drop, and static electricity.
5. Imported laser diodes emit light directly with exceptional stability.
6. Intelligent driver board with imported IC, wide range power supply.
7. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.


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