532nm 15mW Green SM Fiber Laser Source Benchtop

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This is a 532nm SM Fiber laser Benchtop type. Output fiber SM / PM fiber optional, here is SM fiber. The working voltage is AC 100~240V wide range voltage. It supports button control and software control of laser. The laser output power is adjustable, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW, and the adjustment range is 10~100%. Let’s check it now.

The working principle of 532nm 15mW single-mode fiber laser is based on the special structure of fiber laser. The laser consists of three parts: working material, pump source and resonant cavity. The pump light emitted by the pump source is coupled into the gain medium through a reflector. The gain medium is a rare earth-doped fiber. After the pump light is absorbed, the rare earth ions undergo energy level transitions and the number of particles is inverted. The inverted particles pass through the resonant cavity and transition from the excited state back to the ground state, releasing energy and forming a stable laser output.

The test data of this 532nm laser.

With the continuous advancement of laser technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, 532nm single-mode fiber laser will be used in more fields. In the future, we can expect it to play a greater role in medical, scientific research, security and other fields, and make greater contributions to human scientific and technological progress and social development.


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