Solid State Laser Lab laser source

532nm 15mW Green SM Fiber Laser Source Benchtop

by Laser Explorer Posted on 85 views
This is a 532nm SM Fiber laser Benchtop type. Output fiber SM / PM fiber optional, here is SM fiber. The working voltage is AC 100~240V wide range voltage. It supports button control and software control of laser. The laser output power is adjustable, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW, and the adjustment range is 10~100%. ...
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Lab laser source

30dBm 1070nm Laser Coupled SM Fiber Temperature Controlled Wavelength

by Laser Explorer Posted on 349 views
1070nm SM fiber laser system. The maximum power is 1W, 10%~100% power can be adjusted, adjusted by button, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. You can adjust the wavelength by adjusting the temperature. This is a custom function and is not supported by default. By default, the laser is controlled by the button, and it can also ...
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