Most Powerful Green Laser Pointer 525nm 1W Waterproof Laser

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This is 525nm diving high power green laser pointer, the output power is 1000mW. This laser pointer is waterproof and strong, please wear the laser goggles when using.

525nm 1000mW Green Waterproof Laser Pointer Strong Diving Laser

Wavelength: 525nm
Output Power: 1W
Security Level: Class Ⅳ
Shell Material: Aviation aluminum
Color: Black / Silver (optional)
Circuit Control: 5V boost with reverse polarity protection
Circuit Efficiency: Step-up conversion efficiency of 93%
Laser Modes: Always bright and dazzling light
Switch Mode: Self-locking light, close or touch change mode
Spot Form: Dot
Laser Beam Style: Continuous linear
Spot Size: about at 5m<φ15-18mm
Focusing Method: Focusing (Rotate the threaded front cover)
Diving Level: 5m diving
Battery Type: 1*18650 rechargeable battery (Not included)
Battery Direction: the positive direction of the light, the negative tail hair switch
Operating Current: 3.7V @ 4.9A
Operating Voltage: DC = 3.7V
Starting Voltage: DC = 2.5V


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