780nm 80mW Polarization Maintaining Fiber Laser Source

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Polarization-maintaining fiber lasers have broad application prospects in the field of optics due to their unique polarization-maintaining properties. The new generation of 780nm 80mW polarization-maintaining fiber lasers has been fully upgraded based on the original technology, not only retaining the original advantages, but also achieving technological innovation in many aspects.

The one in the video is a 780nm 80mW fiber laser system. Its laser output power can be adjusted. The laser is equipped with PM polarization-maintaining fiber, which is pluggable. It upports CW continuous operation and TTL modulation working modes, and is equipped with a modulation signal cord. When Modulation is connected to an external signal, the laser automatically enters the TTL modulation mode.

The emergence of a new generation of 780nm 80mW polarization-maintaining fiber lasers has not only promoted the innovation of optical technology, but also achieved application expansion in multiple fields.

The 780nm 80mW polarization-maintaining fiber laser has shown broad application prospects in scientific research, medical treatment, industry, etc. with its stable wavelength, power, polarization-maintaining performance and compact and portable characteristics. With the continuous development and innovation of technology, it is believed that this laser will play a more important role in the future.

The test data of this 780nm 80mW PM fiber laser.



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