Explore the Precision Applications of 375nm 30mW PM Fiber Laser

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In today’s world where optical technology is changing with each passing day, fiber lasers shine in various fields with their unique advantages. Among them, the 375nm 30mw polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber laser has become a shining star in scientific research and industrial applications with its high precision, high stability and unique ultraviolet wavelength.

This is a 375nm 30mW polarization-maintaining fiber-coupled laser. Its fiber is pluggable. When installing the fiber, pay attention to align the bayonet.
The laser output power is adjustable from 1 to 30mW. This laser supports CW continuous operation and TTL modulation operation modes, and is equipped with a modulation signal line. When Modulation is connected to an external signal, the laser automatically enters TTL modulation mode.

The 375nm 30mw PM fiber laser uses advanced polarization maintenance technology, which can maintain the polarization state of light during transmission and avoid polarization state changes caused by external factors (such as temperature changes, fiber bending, etc.). The application of this technology makes the output of the laser beam purer and more stable, thereby ensuring accuracy and reliability in various applications.

In addition, the laser also has a 375nm ultraviolet wavelength and a 30mw power output. Ultraviolet wavelengths have important application value in many fields, such as micromachining, materials science, biomedicine, etc. Although the power of 30mw is not particularly high, it is sufficient for scenes that require fine control and can effectively avoid excessive damage to the target object.

The test data of 375nm 30mW PM fiber laser.


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