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M²≤1.06 High Quality TEM00 532nm DPSS Laser

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This is a 2024 new model 532nm 5W high quality DPSS laser. The new laser has better heat dissipation and better stability than the 2023 model. It supports both CW and modulation working modes. The laser needs to be preheated for about 20 seconds before laser output can be generated. Adjust the laser output power to ...
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Lab laser source

Professional Laboratory Laser Systems

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The following are some common laboratory high power laser real shots. These high power lasers are equipped with heat sinks, which can effectively extend the continuous working time of the laser. All of them have three working modes: CW/TTL/Analog. Let’s check it now. The first one is 405nm 12W blue semiconductor laser. High Power Semiconductor Laser — 445nm ...
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