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2017 Three most popular high power laser pointers

by Laser Explorer Posted on 672 views 1 comments
Many people who like to collect laser pointers prefer high power laser pointers. There are many kinds of high power pointers on the market, and the power of same laser pointer is not same. I through many domestic and foreign forums with my own experience to buy laser pointer, I have sorted out the following ...
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Laser pointer also has a use you do not know

by Laser Explorer Posted on 500 views 1 comments
Some people wanted to use the laser torch to drive crows and kill small insects.However, many people do not know what kind of laser pointer appropriate.Really you can kill pests with an ordinary laser flashlight? Can you drive crows?Today we use a 3W Blue laser pointer to test the insects on the tree.Let’s see it.
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Experiments:Laser in water

by Laser Explorer Posted on 1214 views 1 comments
TEST 1: Test materials:A small transparent tract water tank. Here’s what I made with plexiglass.If too much trouble,you can also use a little deeper glass boxes.And a laser pen. Fill the tank with water. Shining into the laser from the side, You can see the phenomenon in the picture below. If in a dark room, you ...
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Let’s check the mini green laser pen’s power

by Laser Explorer Posted on 547 views 2 comments
This laser pointer is smaller than the last laser pointer, and it also comes with a keychain, which is more convenient to carry with you.Although it is small, But its power can not be underestimated.It can lighting the match.This laser pointer body is made of high quality metal, bass.The green dot can be seen within ...
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New wish brand 405nm blue laser pointer review — ture power test

by Laser Explorer Posted on 714 views 0 comments
We often see this kind of laser pen in the classroom, meeting room, exhibition room and so on.Pen shape, handy and portable to carry.And It is great for pointing objects from long distance.Do you know that it is safe for human eyes to look directly at its beam?What is the range of power of this ...
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Laser irradiation of aircraft Danger!

by Future Laser Posted on 368 views 0 comments
Laser irradiation of aircraft Danger! Everybody only know people can not use the laser to illuminate the plane,but there are many people don’t understand why, so far away, what will be the impact?Then, what’s experience of being illuminated on the plane by the ground laser?From personal experience.Last week I was personally felt once, too dangerous, ...
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