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Single-mode Fiber Laser 528nm 10mW Green TEM00 Laser Source

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This is a 528nm 10mW green laser system. It is configured with single-mode fiber. The screen can display the current power, and the power can be adjusted through the buttons. 10%~100% output power can be adjusted. The power regulation accuracy is 0.1mW. The highest power of this unit is 10mW, other output power can be ...
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C-band Micro ASE Broadband Light Source

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This time we are talking about the ASE bandwidth light source. Watch the video below first. This is a C-Band 20mW Micro ASE light Source, 10mW~50mW output power can be customized. The size is 50*50*15mm. After turning on the laser, the green indicator light will light up. And the ASE starts working, with invisible light output in the ...
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Which Fiber Do You Know?

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Optical fibers can be classified in various ways according to different characteristics, such as single-mode optical fibers and multi-mode optical fibers according to optical modes. Divided by refractive index: jumper fiber and graded fiber. Among them, according to ITU standards, optical fibers are divided into seven types: G651, G652, G653, G654, G655, G656, G657, among ...
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