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Explore the Precision Applications of 375nm 30mW PM Fiber Laser

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In today’s world where optical technology is changing with each passing day, fiber lasers shine in various fields with their unique advantages. Among them, the 375nm 30mw polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber laser has become a shining star in scientific research and industrial applications with its high precision, high stability and unique ultraviolet wavelength. This is a ...
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185~600nm Deep Ultra-violet Deuterium Light Source With Fiber

by Laser Explorer Posted on 293 views
This is the UV deuterium lamp source with broadband wavelength. The wavelength range is 185nm~600nm. Among them, the ultraviolet band of 200nm~300nm has the highest power. The faint purple spot can be seen with the naked eye. Let’s check it now. D-2000 deuterium lamp can produce stable output spectrum of 190-400nm. The peak to peak ...
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Solid State Laser Lab laser source

355nm 5W Q-Switched Laser UV Laser Water Cooled Type

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It’s a 355nm Ultra-violet lab laser system. Q-Switched laser at 355nm has the features of high peak power, high repetition rate, and short pulse duration, which is used in scientific research, biology and so on. 5W high power UV laser, water cooling mode is required. Let’s check it now.        
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Solid State Laser

High Peak Power 266nm UV Laser

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An efficient laser-diode(LD) pumped Nd:YAG extracavity frequency conversion all-solid-state. quasi-continuous- wave(QCW) ultraviolet laser at 266nm was reported. The laser adopted LBO and BBO as the second and fourth harmonic generation crystals, and was pumped by three LD co nfig urations (high polarization LD, low polarization LD and low polarization LD with a Brew ster plate)in ...
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