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520nm Laser 2800mW Green Laser Beam

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Please watch the following video first: It is a 520nm 2800mW green laser system. This laser supports 3 working modes: CW, TTL, Analog. In addition, the Lock crystal head cannot be pulled out. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW working mode. The laser output power can be adjusted by adjusting the operating ...
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CivilLaser’s Beam Combining Module 520nm 4W 5*105μm Fiber Laser

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It’s 520nm 4W fiber coupled laser module. The output fiber consists of 5 105μm fibers. The laser does not contain a drive circuit, and the drive circuit is external. The fiber beam combining module is a multi-tube core combined beam semiconductor laser. Large contact area, low current package form, more stable performance, more convenient to ...
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