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Chinese Laser Products Manufacture — CivilLaser

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If you are looking for a laser light source, We recommend that you go to first. This is the most professional laser product sales platform we have found so far. A wide range of laser products, can also provide customized services. Professional service, fast response time. The price is cheap, the same function of ...
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Tunable Broadband Single-frequency Narrow-Linewidth Fiber Laser

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Abstract The tunable single-frequency (SF) narrow-linewidth fiber laser with all-fiber complex cavity structure is designed, which is composed of an optical fiber tunable filter, a high-precision ring filter, and a fiber loop mirror. A 980-nm semiconductor laser is used as the pumping source, and the ytterbium-doped fiber is employed as the gain medium and saturable absorber, ...
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Solid State Laser

Study on Thermal Stress of High Power Semiconductor Laser Packaging

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Abstract: In recent years, the application of high-power semiconductor lasers has been expanding, and they are more and more widely used in industry and medical treatment. The thermal characteristics of lasers seriously restrict their reliability and service life. In order to improve the reliability and prolong the service life of the device,high power semiconductor laser bars with ...
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The Development Tend of Semiconductor Lasers

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China’s laser industry has a strong geographical distribution. The Pearl River Delta region represented by Shenzhen mainly uses medium and small power laser processing equipment, while the Central China region represented by Wuhan Optical Valley is on the product line. More comprehensive, covering large, medium and small power equipment. In addition to these two largest ...
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89 Wavelength Tunable Fiber Laser

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  This is a C-band single mode fiber laser. The source wavelength tuning range covers the C-band and achieves continuous laser output up to 89 wavelengths. (ITU-T standard wavelength, 50 GHz wavelength interval). Integrated dual FP cavity tuning etalon and high gain chip, with high output power (5~16mW), narrow linewidth, high wavelength accuracy. Special drive control circuit, high-definition color ...
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445nm 5W Blue Laser Pointer Strong Laser

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445nm 5W Blue Laser Pointer Focusable High Stability Strong Laser 1. The appearance of a strong sense of science and technology. 2. High machining precision, anti-seismic and wear-resisting pressure. 3. All metal buttons, more responsive, stronger sense of touch. 4. Suitable for long time work such as medical treatment, spectrum experiment and so on.
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